Antivirus Like VoodooShield

VoodooShield is a whitelisting app for your devices; when you're browsing the net, just put everything on quarantine (basically, locking down your computer) and only whitelist handful of apps you know you need to use. Once you're done browsing, you can then lift the lockdown and use your programs freely.

PC Matic

PC Matic PC Matic provides a good antimalware protection application while optimizing your PC's performance for long periods of time without having to pay much attention to it. If you're a PC user who'd like to make the most out of his device, PC Matic could help your tremendously. - rate

Bunifu Antivirus

Bunifu Antivirus Bunifu is pretty unique antivirus company mainly because their antivirus is completely free and that they specifically target the African market, which according to Bunifu, has big gaps that need to be filled. They offer services for schools and mobile devices as well as the regular PC versions. - rate


Lifelock LifeLock is a security program specially designed to protect your personal information and keep you safe from any cybercriminal action. They’re focused primarily on fighting off identity theft, which has become a real issue in the past decade. They are currently partnered with Norton 360 as well. - rate


Dr.Web KATANA Dr. Web KATANA is a non-signature anti-virus that offers preventive protection against the latest active threats, targeted attacks, and infiltration attempts that take advantage of vulnerabilities your anti-virus can’t detect. If you want better cybersecurity at your hands, this one's a keeper. - rate

Falcon Complete

Falcon Complete Falcon Complete is focused on providing organizations and small companies full endpoint protection service for them to focus on their businesses while the Falcon Complete’s team takes care of servers and endpoint devices; this way, users are able to take all the benefits CrowdStrike offers. - rate


MalwareFox MalwareFox is an advanced yet simple-to-use anti-malware solution for Windows computers that provides fast, simple and effective detection and elimination of cyberthreats against all kinds of modern threats such as browser hijacker, ransomware, keyloggers, spyware and zero-day malware. - rate


ComboFix ComboFix is an anti-malware application especially designed for administrators and advanced PC users. While ComboFix isn't easy to use, it’s capable of detecting and removing threats other software can’t deal with. If you’re looking for a “no-frills” solution to your malware problemas, ComboFix is one of the best options out there. - rate

Cynet 360

Cynet 360 If you’re concerned about your company’s cybersecurity and you want to obtain the best option in a single place, Cynet is the company that you’re looking for. With their autonomous breach protection platform you won't require an enormous crew to take care of every aspect of your website cybersecurity. - rate

Vipre Antivirus

Vipre Antivirus Vipre is a US-based company dedicated to the cyber protection and safety of both home and office devices. They take advantage of cloud databases and layered defense systems paired up with friendly interfaces that work well on mobile devices and have positioned themselves in the top leading spots for internet security. - rate

Reason Essential

Reason Essential Reason is a cloud-based cybersecurity software company offering a nice array of security and anti-malware products and solutions. Founded by Andrew Newman, a top-level cybersecurity expert with 20 years of experience in the field, the company has been amassing fans due to their Reason Essential antivirus. - rate

Kaspersky Endpoint Cloud Security

Kaspersky Endpoint Cloud Security Kaspersky Endpoint Cloud Security is a really ingenious way for small to medium businesses to safeguard their business data along with any sensitive information without needing to hire a team of IT security experts. - rate

Shield Antivirus

Shield Antivirus Shield Antivirus is a software protection solution that helps uses identity and remove viruses, spyware, rootkits, bots, trojans and other types of Internet security issues. If you're looking for a strong cybersecurity solution, this might be the one. - rate

Dr.Web Security Space

Dr.Web Security Space Dr.Web Security Space is a security suite which includes antivirus, URL filtering, a firewall, spam filter, parental controls and more. If you're looking for software to keep you guarded against cyber threats, you should consider Dr. Web Security Space. - rate

Immunet AntiVirus

Immunet AntiVirus Immunet AntiVirus is a free-of-charge open-source cloud-based malware and antivirus solution for Windows-based devices. If you are looking for a trustworthy antivirus that doesn’t take up much disk space and is completely free, Immunet AntiVirus is a nice option to consider. - rate

Webroot Antivirus

Webroot Antivirus Webroot Antivirus is a protection, antivirus, and security service provider for networks of all sizes at affordable prices, from homes to businesses alike. If you want more security for your home devices or want your business to be guarded against cyber threats, Webroot Antivirus is a fine option to consider. - rate

Featured Antiviruses

Cylance Smart Antivirus Cylance Smart Antivirus Cylance is a cybersecurity expert that is unlike any other. In addition to being able to secure endpoints and prevent breaches, the antivirus software also taps into the capabilities of an intelligent threat prevention system, using it to identify and predict threats months before they are running rampant in the wild. Avast Free Antivirus Avast Free Antivirus Developed by Avast Software, Avast Free Antivirus provides an almost complete protection, minus a firewall and antispam features, to its users and is only available to internet-connected devices. It is also, as of 2017, the most popular antivirus on the market. Bitdefender Free Bitdefender Free With over 500 million users as of 2017, Bitdefender Free is quite the popular antivirus of choice when it comes to Windows PCs. The program, particularly the premium version, offers a pretty complete package of digital protection. 360 Total Security 360 Total Security 360 Total Security by Qihoo 360 is an exceptional antivirus that’s served as the go to solution for many over the years for all their system security needs. Offering an exceptional array of features, 360 Total Security hasn’t let its users down ever since it surfaced. McAfee Total Protection McAfee Total Protection Touted as being the world’s largest dedicated security technology company, McAfee claims to protect 90 out of the 100 Fortune 100 companies, 82% of the world’s largest banks, and has over 300 million users across the globe. Avast Internet Security Avast Internet Security Avast Internet Security is one of the premium solutions that Avast Software has to offer. Unlike the free version, this antivirus offers a complete, tip-to-toe protection with some bonus features, such as an extra layer of anti-ransomware protection, included.


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