4 Reasons Why Windows Defender is Worth Keeping on Your PC

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If you're the sort of person who'd ditch Windows Defender for another free antivirus software the moment you get your new PC/laptop, well... here are 4 reasons why you might just want to keep Windows Defender around! Antivirus Compared - 4 Reasons Why Windows Defender is Worth Keeping on Your PC

Despite providing perfectly useable Windows Defender as a free antivirus software in every copy of Windows 10 OS, it can be quite befuddling to see how many users would ditch the Defender in a heartbeat for another free antivirus when both antiviruses have basically the same features.

In fact, we'd say that Windows Defender is a really good option if you just need basic protection for your PC and that you don't browse the internet recklessly. Plus, unlike some free-to-use antiviruses, it doesn’t slow down your computer; it doesn’t have extra junk files that may hog up precious space; it doesn’t have ads, and of course, it’s completely free (including all future updates)!

Built into the OS; Designed for the OS

There are multiple benefits from having your antivirus software integrated to the operating system of your computer. For starters, you won’t have to download or install anything for that matter and if you have windows 10, you already own this antivirus and have it in your operating system.

Besides, there is no need to manage special updates for your software. When a new version of Windows Defender is available, Windows Update will take care of everything without needing you to lift a finger. There won't be any compatibility issues either since Windows Defender is designed to be used on Windows 10.

It is Free and Doesn’t Have Any Ads

Usually, saying any piece of software is "free" oftentimes translates into "freemium". Some are full of advertisements and annoying notifications to coerce users into a paid subscription; however, this isn’t the case with Windows Defender. It’s completely and utterly free; it’s relatively good, and it doesn’t have any type of ads or annoying notifications that'll make you wish you didn’t have an antivirus in the first place.

Plus, you won’t have to pay any extra money to get any "additional features" because everything's made available to you right from the start.

First of all, most antiviruses come in a free and a paid/premium version, and the free one usually contains the stripped-down and basic version of the premium copy. So, in essence, their free antivirus software has everything Windows Defender already has. But of course, if you plan to grab a premium antivirus instead, you may get a lot more additional features, such as priority support, access to additional features like parental control and performance-boosting software, and more.

Second of all, in this industry the bottom line is money, so it’s most likely that an antivirus software has “nag screens” that pops up randomly and prompts you to spend your money on extra features or upgrades for the software. On the contrary, Windows Defender doesn’t have these annoying pop-up screens nor is its bottom line consisted of "how much money they can squeeze out of you".

Only One Version

There is only one version of Windows Defender and there's no need to buy a "2019 version" or even a "2020 version" of the antivirus because you'll get all future updates to the Defender for completely free, including all the extra features that other antivirus companies may try to sell in "future versions" of their antivirus software. There's really no need to install any additional software if you already have Windows Defender turned on and that you use common sense when browsing the internet.

Has All the Features You'd Come to Expect in a Free Antivirus

Windows Defender can do everything you'd expect it to do as a free antivirus. It will be your real-time solution, as it runs in the background while actively looking for malware in your system. If any suspicious file is found, it will block it and keep it quarantined for your safety. It allows you to restore if something was falsely quarantined as malware. It also scans files and installers to prevent infections.

The hard part of anti-malware security is that it’s actually one step behind malware, so there’s always a period of vulnerability after new malware is released. That’s when Windows Defender’s cloud-based protection comes into action, sending reports on newly detected malware to Microsoft in order to create new detection methods.

Sometimes malware can’t be cleaned if your operating system is running. That’s when Windows Defender can reboot your computer and clean everything before loading Windows. As for the limited period scanning, it runs scans when you aren’t using your computer; you can manually set a time for the scan in the control panel.

Since all the features that Windows Defender has are basically the same as any free-to-use antivirus, minus the ads and the hassle of finding and installing a new antivirus that may or may not work as well on your system, why not just go with the default? It's a good-enough basic antivirus that can provide you with the reasonable protection you need.

Note that although Microsoft's antivirus software has not always had the best of reputation, they have really increased their efforts in making Windows Defender an antivirus that's worth keeping around. After all, why bother spending precious time researching for the best free antivirus when you've already got a perfectly good "default" antivirus system protecting your PC?

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