Is Getting A Good Antivirus Necessary?

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There are probably some of you who think that as long as you're careful while browsing the internet, you don't really need an antivirus. Well, here are some reasons why getting a good antivirus is crucial for your digital protection! Antivirus Compared - Is Getting A Good Antivirus Necessary?

In this day and age, the belief that antiviruses are only for irresponsible users is nothing more than a myth. Everyone can benefit from antivirus software; today even the most careful Windows users are vulnerable. No matter how careful you think you are, there’s always a possible thread that can be detained by an antivirus.

Being Careful Is Not Enough

If you think that avoiding dangerous internet activities like downloading suspicious files, running unpatched software, or visiting unsafe websites, are trusted ways of protecting your devices against malware, you are wrong. You are being careful, but these are in fact the most common ways to catch malware nowadays; however, it’s not the only way these viruses can spread and that’s why you should be protected.

The zero-days exploits are vulnerabilities that criminals find first. We have no knowledge of these vulnerabilities, making it impossible for the “careful users” to protect themselves from them. Software like Adobe Flash, Chrome, and Firefox can be easily be unpatched to crack their security; these flaws are corrected everyday but there’s always an inevitable pop up.

Your computer could be compromised by entering any website, as advertisers and other vulnerabilities are on any type of website, even on facebook. This happens frequently these days, as the internet has become a very unsafe place from all the threads it has.

The Antivirus will be your Cape

An antivirus is the final piece of software you’ll need to keep your computer protected. If a website tries to use security flaws through your browser or plug-ins to infect your computer, it will do it by installing a trojan, rootkits, or malware to get your financial information and harness your computer for botnets.

If a zero-days in a part of a software you use gives the bad guys the opportunity to get a malware onto your system, the only thing that will stop them is an antivirus; there’s no way for you to protect it without one. It may not protect you from the flaw but it will catch and quarantine malware, avoiding further damage. This is why there’s no good reason to not run an antivirus in Windows.

An Antivirus will just Slow Down My Computer!

There are people who believe antiviruses are cumbersome and may drastically slow down your computer when they are running; however, this depends on which antivirus you choose. Norton and McAfee software were famous for slowing down computers, but these days, their software has improved a lot, making slowdowns a thing of the past.

So, to put it simply, it all depends on the antivirus you choose, as things have changed for the better. Computers are so fast nowadays that antiviruses have become lightweight. Even if you find them a hassle to install, if you own a Windows 10 PC/laptop, you should already have Windows Defender, and this might be surprising to you, but this antivirus is lighter on resources and doesn’t own any extra junk or ads - it just works perfectly as a basic protection!

Basic Digital Protection is a Must

An antivirus is a layer of protection; it’s not necessarily magic because no product is perfect, especially nowadays with viruses getting more sophisticated each day. Being protected is also your job as a user, which is why you should be careful about the files you download and run. Keep your software updated and uninstall vulnerable software like Java.

In conclusion, think of antivirus as your cape. It’s an accessory which helps you stay ahead of the bad guys, keeping you protected as long as you make your part of the job.

Featured Antiviruses

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